My mission is to support you in transforming from the inside out, to guide you in radical self acceptance so you can be your unapologetic self and live life deliberately. Switching on your inner compass to cultivate self awareness, unstoppable confidence and being fearless in taking aligned action to really create what you truly desire.

I see and feel you in the overwhelm, lacking control and judging yourself in everything you do. I’ve been there with emotional eating, binge drinking and picking myself apart. I know what it feels to be hopeless, that was me but I’m here to tell you it is totally possible for you break-free of the self limiting beliefs that are weighing you down and the people pleasing draining your energy it’s time to release that toxic guilt & stress that has you living life with doubting yourself and having low standards. You get to live your life aligned with your full body desires and I’m here to support you in radically transforming your life.

If you’re feeling stuck, dissatisfied and have spent years unfulfilled, you’re in the right space.




You’re not here to settle my love, you get this one life & it’s time to say YES to yourself + choose YOU

I know you’ve been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to break-free of the negative thoughts that have been holding you back.

You get to live life energised, excited, alive & aligned.

My signature 10 week deep healing & empowering group programme to release toxic guilt, shame & the stress you’ve been carrying for years. It’s time to RECLAIM the part of you that is ready to claim all of her desires.  



I absolutely love working with Anna to learn more about my health and how I can make shifts within my lifestyle to healthier choices


Anna's treatment plan was a breath of fresh air. I had done research myself but this was another level. New ideas, each explained and exemplified with real actionable change.


Hi my love, I'm Anna

Your future coach & friend, I’m here to empower you back home to the full truth of you, to your authentic self. I’m your permission slip to choose you, be unapologetically you, trust yourself, your journey & claim freedom in all forms - your birthright. You don’t have to do this alone and one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is - get yourself into spaces where women care about witnessing other women being their authentic selves and activating true happiness - that’s why I created this space….

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2023 has been filled with some huge challenges. Intentionally I decided to shake things up with my life and make some big changes. Almost two months ago now I packed up my life in the UK and started making my way through Europe to my new home, Lisbon. I decided to make this move back […]

You know you have the power to live life in a way that expands you but you don’t know how.  Instead you find the days stress you out and you have no energy at the end of the day which gets you down. No time for exciting conversations, for working out, even a bath and […]

I spent years believing that I would never have a close relationship with my mum. When I was a young girl we were close, I was incredibly attached to her. I don’t have many memories as a child, I have big blanks pre-15 which is common for children of domestic violence. The memories I do […]

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