You know you have the power to live life in a way that expands you but you don’t know how. 

Instead you find the days stress you out and you have no energy at the end of the day which gets you down. No time for exciting conversations, for working out, even a bath and a book sounds like it would be too much. 

It’s super easy when you can’t access the energy of joy in your body and instead you find that stress lingers around. You feel frustration and irritability because you don’t know how to kick out of it. I’ve been there to the point I would binge eating, scroll & watch Netflix most nights just to distract from the heaviness I was feeling.

So what did I do to access more joy & fulfilment in my life…I’ve been doing years of inner work & committing to it, now it feels natural. Mostly I started to recognise the thoughts and belief systems that were holding me back from accessing my authentic self and guess what joy is a birthright, it’s not about what we have, it’s about who we be. So even in the face of challenge can you hold yourself through the challenge in a way that you don’t shut down the moments of joy that you can experience. 

That might seem impossible if you’ve been in a space where joy isn’t an emotion that is readily available to you and you only give yourself permission to experience it when you get a promotion, receive a compliment, get paid on pay day, buy yourself a new dress or book that trip you have been waiting to go on. 

If you know this is you, this is where you realise that you have been outsourcing your power. Your unique power is your emotional field – all the emotions and energy you have inside of you to experience life exactly as it is, no conditions on what you have or are doing!! 

Here is where I would get started if you want to practice being more in your JOY! 

1 – Practice gratitude

What you appreciate, appreciates and it’s about training your mind to look for what you do have and are experiencing. After all you may not be able to have what you want but you can experience what you have. Your mind is a powerful tool and you get to create its ability to focus on what is effective for your body, because your body holds your emotional field and is the antenna for your receiving in this world. All that you desire is already here, but you have to be open in your mind and fully available to receiving it. This is where you create the base foundations for your mind to get to a place where you regulate your body. 

How to practice gratitude?

  • Journal every day for x 5 minutes what you are grateful for that day & in your life. Free flow whatever comes up for you. This may start off strange/uncomfortable – pointless, especially if you are practiced at worrying and planning vs being present with what is. 

  • Commit to telling x 5 people why you are grateful for them by the end of this week, look them directly in their eyes and open up your body as you do this, if you don’t have the chance to do it in person, send a text or do it by the phone

  • As you walk through the day send people positive vibes from you to them in your mind & with a smile, say to yourself I am grateful for you, sending you positive vibes

*I would love for you to drop in my DM’s or tag me at @iamannakrystyna on the gram & share what a week of doing the above has created for you!

2 – Detox your judgement 

The judgement you hold towards others and yourself, creates the lack feeling inside of your body, whether it’s about actions, personality or looks they all come from the same place of lacking security in self. The longer you hold the judgement the chances are it turns to deep resentment and that’s the path to destruction in your relationships. This is where you deep dive into what is holding you back and stopping you from being able to fully accept others and yourself. 

How to detox judgement?

  • Work on your beliefs systems, what are the thoughts you have towards others and yourself telling you, there is information in these beliefs that can guide you to liberating yourself. If you know you have a tendency to distract from your thoughts and find eating/drinking/shopping consumes you then reach out for support, my 1-1 coaching space is the journey for you to unfold into this you can apply here to see if this is for you

  • Have a conversation with the person you hold the most judgement towards (this might be you! So if it is then have this conversation in the mirror) this is your chance to out your ego and speak your truth, you don’t need to speak into the intricacies of this (unless you want to!) but you get to say ‘hey mum/sis/friend I have noticed I have been judging you alot and it doesn’t serve me/you/our relationship and I am committed to clearing that judgement to feel free from it’

  • Write a letter to your past self and out ALL the judgement you hold, don’t leave any stone unturned, this is where you get to GO there, FULLY. All the f**k you’s. Then burn it, scream out loud or into a pillow, then take a cold shower imagining all those thoughts being washed away. 

3 – Heal your people pleaser 

There is a people pleaser in all of us, no one is exempt – it’s part of your nervous system that is called the social nervous system, where we create our unique expression and how we relate to others. Many of us were conditioned to please others and hold a high level of importance on what people think of us, at the base level we connect this with acceptance and belonging. Though it’s necessary to be in connection with others, to be part of the pack and be in community the bigger question that most don’t ask is at what expense? Where are we abandoning our own needs and desires for others, where do we say yes when we mean no, who are we giving more attention to than ourselves? Because all of that leads to stripping your joy. 

How to heal your people pleaser?

  • Get practiced at asking for what you want, this might feel scary at first because you’re so used to holding back, this is where I would invite you get to practice with someone you feel safe with, someone who you can say “I would love support are you open to supporting me” then speak into what you want from them, from yourself, from life. 

  • Say no x 5 times a day for one week. Activate the part of that wants to choose YOU and speak your truth. This may feel tense in your body, so you get to breathe and allow yourself to feel what is there, no need to label it or push passed it, it’s just the stories of your people pleaser feeling the discomfort.

  • Put yourself in spaces where you heal that part of you by witnessing others do the same, group healing is an incredible way of receiving the permission to be your full authentic self – my group programme RECLAIM HER is the perfect place to start! 



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