Choosing main character energy, unapologetically, without shame and guilt but instead with that innate power you have within you from your wisdom, your courage and vulnerability.

Your guilt free permission slip to start owning who you are

Hi, I'm Anna

I know how it feels to live life doing what you ‘think’ you ‘should’ be ‘doing’ and then waking up one day to realise you feel stuck, numb, helpless and desperate for change. I spent years chasing the perfect body, the perfect relationship, career and lifestyle.

All the pressure from the stupidly high expectations I built for myself, others and experiences, lead to an intense disappointment and burnout.

My life was exhausting. I wanted to be a high achiever. I wanted to be everything to everyone. I was seeking approval in everything I did, which only perpetuated the heart ache of feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Through it all, I was abandoning myself. I wasn’t choosing me - just the idea of who I thought I needed to be. 

Years of emotional binge eating behind closed doors caused so much dis-regultaion in my system that the stress lead to amenreoah and adult cystic acne. My obsession with my weight and body image consumed most of my twenties and lead to alcohol dependency. That time of my life was low, though no one would know it on social media I looked like I was living life to the full, always socialising, travelling, posting about how great my job was, because that’s what I thought happiness was - but I didn’t feel fulfilled, excited or truly alive - it felt like the days were passing me by and nothing of the life I had created for myself felt satisfying. I was chasing a life that wasn’t truly mine, chasing the life I had been programmed to believe would bring me contentment - something I now know to be false.

I felt inadequate, anxious, was struggling with an eating disorder and had developed painful cystic adult acne all over my face and back. I internalised everything, which only deepened my insecurities, sadness and feeling of lack.

My inner pain created so much drama around me - within my relationships and within my work life. I knew I needed to do the inner work to heal parts of me so I could finally move forward with my life. At the time I felt completely powerless, I know now that I was masking my deeper wounds with sugar, alcohol, nights out, 'fix it' trips away and relationships, all of which were the very things preventing me from living a great life.

Stepping into the world of personal freedom and self development completely changed me and consequently, my world began to change. Yes it took courage - to invest time, money and energy to do this work, but looking at my life now I only wished I had done it sooner.

Now I live and breathe this work it’s my passion, my life force and mission that other women get to experience this level of freedom. To finally drop the bulls**t stories and belief systems and step into a life you could only dream of.

I love supporting women in gaining back their innate personal power so they can live life intentionally and be the fully expressed woman they came to this earth to be. True transformation is from the inside out - this is how I work.

Every chapter of my life is rich with experience and every woman who I work with plays a role in my story when I witness that growth in other women it deepens my own purpose and power. This is where we get to be the authors of our own lives.

Anna x